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Donna and I would like to extend a special invitation to you. Join us for one of our exciting worship services. BBC is a special place. Our music and message will draw you closer to the Lord. Check out our service times and if we could assist you in any way please feel free to call our Church office.

Dr. Sal Yannizzi, Pastor

Daily Reminder

Biblical Vision

The ability to see what God wants to accomplish, and then doing your part to bring the task to completion.  God give us Vision for with out it we perish. Proverbs 29:18


 Ladies Conference 2018

Join us for a great day on Saturday January 20th. There will be general assemblies, and personal workshops. We are working hard to make this a special day. You can register online for your convenience. There will be a continental breakfast and a delicious meal served for lunch to all ladies attending. You may contact our Church office for more info. 941-746-6221

Global Missions Revival  March 18-20, 2018

Reaching the World with the Gospel of Christ is still the focus of heaven. Therefore it must remain the focus of the local Church. We are excited to announce this years Global Missions Revival.



                        We are looking forward to hearing from these veteran Missionaries.                            

                                  Missionary Walter Stevens                                Missionary Ken Fielder                                                                                                                  

Current Sermon Series

The Pastors Heart

If I Be Lifted Up

By Dr. Yannizzi | January 3, 2018
In the Gospel of John we read the words of Jesus in chapter 12 and verse 32, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”.  The context of the verse is speaking about Jesus being lifted up on the Cross of Calvary.  I like the old hymn, Read More

Today was Tomorrow, Yesterday

By Dr. Yannizzi | March 3, 2017
Today was Tomorrow, Yesterday James 4:13-15 When we spoke about today, yesterday, we called it tomorrow. I will see ya tomorrow. We have a test or a game tomorrow. Let’s do it tomorrow.  Today was Tomorrow, Yesterday. I bring that up to remind you of how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday Read More


By Dr. Yannizzi | March 14, 2017
The Marks of Revival   Jonah 3:1-10 I am not sure if there has ever been a revival like the one at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples, and great things began to happen. As a result 3,000 people were saved and Baptized into the Church. However the Bible does record Read More

Global Mission Vision

By Dr. Yannizzi | March 21, 2017
World Missions Vision Mark 16:16 I recently read the following quote about missions from Henry Martin. “The Spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions, and the nearer we get to him, the more intensely missionary we must become.” Those words are convicting words to me. These words challenge the reality of my relationship with Read More

Get into Position

By Dr. Yannizzi | March 24, 2017
Get Yourself Into Position Exodus 3:1-10 God has a way of getting our attention when he wants our attention. Many times he uses ordinary things that seem unordinary. God has often used adversity to get my attention. For Moses it was a burning bush. As he was in the arena of life God was working Read More

Bring the Book

By Dr. Yannizzi | March 31, 2017
Bring the Book Nehemiah 8:1-8 We have before us a story of what happens when God’s people rediscover God’s word, the Bible.   Nehemiah was the man God raised up to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah lead the people to complete the work. Chapter 8 reveals the dedication service that took place. We can think Read More

Lost and found

By Dr. Yannizzi | April 6, 2017
Lost and Found   John 4:1-30 In our text today we find John opening up for us his scrapbook. He shares several portraits of Jesus with us in his Gospel. In Chapter He is the Word of God. In chapter 2 He is the Son of Man. In Chapter 3 He is the Divine teacher. And Read More

Getting Close Again

By Dr. Yannizzi | April 10, 2017
GETTING CLOSE TO GOD AGAIN Neh. 9: 1-5 One of the great dangers of the Christian life is Drifting.  Paul speaks about this in Hebrews 2:1. There is a dangerous undertow in the Society in which we live. At times we begin to drift even as we pursue the plan of God. We need to Read More

Cross Training

By Dr. Yannizzi | May 24, 2017
Cross Training 1 Cor.  3:16, 6:19-20 Paul uses an interesting metaphor for the Christian here in this text. We are now the Temple of God. We are living Temples. From the origin of the Tabernacle and the Temple its purpose was clear. It was to Represent God to the People. It was never to be Read More

Pursue Your Purpose

By Dr. Yannizzi | June 3, 2017
Pursue Your Purpose D.L Moody once said: “If God is your partner, make your plans big.” Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. What are you pursuing? Society is in a constant pursuit of happiness and pleasure. Today many are pursuing a sense of security and safety. As Read More

Adult Bible Study

There is place for you @ BBC. Each week our members gather for Bible study and fellowship. There are several adult Bible study groups that meet each Sunday morning @ 10 am. Clik the the Bible study picture to the right for a complete listing of classes.

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7:00 PM Adult Bible Study

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