Bible Study Classes

Our Adult bible study classes meet each Sunday Morning @ 9:30
The classes are designed for Fellowship and Instruction. There are several classes to choose from.
A map of the campus is located at the Welcome Center in the main Lobby Join us this Sunday

Campus Map

The Auditorium Class

Target Age: Any Adult
Teacher: BBC Staff
Location: Main Auditorium

The auditorium class serves as a starting place for our adults. We would encourage you to choose a smaller class based on your stage in life, but if you would just like to get your feet wet in our Adult Bible Studies, this might be a great place to try.


Target Age: Adults 18-35
Teacher:  Steve and Stephanie Marshall   Singles ministry
Location: Byram 100

Steve and his wife Stephanie teach our young adult class. They do a tremendous job leading these young adults into Biblical discussions and life changing truth that is so necessary for the decisions that are staring them straight in the face during these important years.

Ladies Class

Target Age: Adult Class
Teacher: Lori Pick
Location: Byram 101

Join Lori for this Bible Study time with other ladies seeking to honor God in their lives. Lori is one of our deacons wives, and she does a great job using multimedia to help her teach Biblical lessons from God’s Word.

Couples Class

Target Age: Adult Class
Teacher:  Jason and Nicole Poppa
Location: Byram 202

This class is meant for married couples who are looking to deepen their relationship to God and to each other. Great principles for young couples and families are taught straight from God’s Word as well as extra times of planned fellowship with other couples.

Middle Age Adult Class

Target Age: Adult Class
Teacher: Steve and Sharon Pennington
Location: Byram 201

Steve and his wife Sharon have enjoyed leading this class for several years. There is a community connection in this small group Bible study.

Ladies Class

Target Age: Ladies over 50
Teacher: Shelby Scofield / Ethyl Hancock
Location: Main 402

This class meets in our main building right behind the auditorium by the church office.  Join this great group of ladies in a time of prayer, fellowship, and Bible Study!.

Young @ Heart

Target Age: Adults over 50
Teacher: Rev. Bruce Hancock
Location: Byram Chapel

This is one of our Senior Adult Bible Study Classes. You will get the opportunity to know many other senior adults while learning valuable truth   start from God’s Word.  This class is lead by our Assistant Pastor Bruce Hancock.

Adult Class

Target Age: Adult class
Teacher: Will and Ruth Graf
Location: Byram 104

Bro Will Graf and his wife Ruth oversee this great Senior class.  This class will encourage you to get to know people and  build lasting friendships centered on studying the Word of God together and growing in grace.

Deaf and Hearing Class

Target Age: Adults
Teacher: Mrs. Renee Kinney
Location: Main Building 402

This class is for the hearing impaired and for those wanting to learn to communicate with the deaf. Class meets each Sunday morning in room 402 in the Main Building. All welcome to attend.

Spanish Department

Target Age: Adults
Teacher: Fabio and Claudia Betancourth
Location: Byram Building

Classes are designed for our Spanish members. Classes for all ages.

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