Get into Position

Get into Position

Get Yourself Into Position

Exodus 3:1-10

God has a way of getting our attention when he wants our attention. Many times he uses ordinary things that seem unordinary. God has often used adversity to get my attention. For Moses it was a burning bush. As he was in the arena of life God was working to get his attention. He probably passes by this way everyday as he went to work. But on this day something ordinary became unordinary. When God touches the ordinary it always becomes unordinary. As he passed this way this time he saw a bush that was burning. I want to submit to you that what Moses did made all the difference.  He turned aside to see this great sight.  He stopped and took a look. This whole text is dependent on this turning to see. Moses stopped to see and what he saw Changed his life.

As he stops to see this great sight he hears a voice calling to him. Notice that God did not call out to him until he stopped to see. He did not call Moses come see this bush. He just touched the bush to see if Moses would notice. Moses could have missed it all, but instead he stopped to take a look.

I cannot help but believe that God places a burning bush in our path. God has a job to be done and he wanted Moses to do it. God still has a job to do. And many times he wants you and I to do it. And so he places a burning bush in our path. Hoping that we might just turn aside. Stop and look. Once we do God takes over. I want to share with you what I believe it takes to turn aside:

An Open Eye: 3:2

It seems obvious but let me state it anyway. You cannot see if your eyes are closed. Moses was walking thru life with his eyes wide open.

There are so many opportunities for us to make a difference in life. Yet we are oblivious to the ordinary becoming unordinary. Our fast pace of life causes us to miss many God given opportunities. Slow down and open your eyes.

A Tender Heart: 3:3-4

Moses was not our spending idle time, he was taking care of the sheep. He was working so to speak. Yet his heart was tender to the voice of the Lord. Jesus reminds my sheep hear my voice.  He could have responded with a “I’m real busy right now.” But instead he responded “Here am I.” When was the last time you responded to the Lord that way. God is trying to get our attention. He wants to fulfill our lives by helping us to make a difference.  But we need an open eye and a tender heart.

A Faith in God: 4:19-20

After all was said and done Moses went back to Egypt. His feeling of inadequacy was normal and beneficial. In representing God self Confidence is not a plus. It takes faith in God not our abilities. That is why we at times refuse to be used. The Whole of the Christian life is based upon faith.

We are saved by faith.

We live by faith.

We will go home by faith.

The whole Exodus was dependent upon Moses getting into position. That is a intricate teaching of the word of God. God has elected to help mankind thru mankind.

We need to get into position for a blessing. It all hinges upon turning aside. Just stop and let what you see effect your life. God will help you to make a difference.










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