Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Luke 10 places us right in the middle of the earthly ministry of Christ. We find Jesus in the midst of doing what he was sent to do. And we hear from his words the great concern he has for the soul of man.

Verse one summons our attention to a previous moment or event. The text begins with the words {after these things}. That is a reference point we must look at. Chapter 9 closes with the struggle of 3 would be followers. In the discussion each has an excuse for their delayed response to follow. One hesitated because of housing concerns. Another hesitated because of family concerns. A third hesitated because of personal concerns. Jesus answered each concern with a spiritual principle. The concern was not valid when looking at eternity.

As we flip the page to chapter 10 we find a harvest discussion. That is what really matters to the Lord. He can take care of the disciples needs. But he needed them to be concerned about other’s needs. Primarily the need for salvation. In verse one we find that there are some committed to the work. He sent the 70 out into the field. But the harvest was to great for just a few to reap. There are always the few that are committed to the work of God. Every generation has a few. Every Church has a few. But the harvest is great and the need is for more workers to enlist.

Friend the need is still great, and the work force is still few. It is Harvest time. And the Lord is calling for his people to enlist as a harvest worker. I want to encourage you to do something. Everybody can do something. Would you pray for the Lord to lay that something upon your heart today.



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